" Iqlaa " road show for the young

"Iqlaa" Is a road show customized for college students created by Mr. Faisal Abdulla Al Awadhi with interest in setting up business "Iqlaa" in Arabic means "Take off"

Young Businessmen Committee at the Chamber of Commerce is adopting a totally new concept that may help in feeding local markets with creative projects and job opportunities.

The Committee have formed a work group spearheaded by Faisal Abdulla CEO Visuals Communication Group also the guy behind the concept of "Iqlaa" who have managed to get all the parties concerned with supporting new and young businesses like Bahrain Development Bank, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Labour Fund has established all under the roof of "Iqlaa" which is intended to travel from a University to another promoting the Idea of becoming Businessmen / women to the students due to graduate.