Green Entrepreneur Village

"Entrepreneur Village" aims to encourage Bahraini talented young cadres to enter business field and create a solid foundation of successful business strategies with an appropriate professional training in the field of catering. This project provides young
talented participants the perfect spot being held at one of the most sophisticated hotel on the island, Al Areen Palace
and Spa.

This is a unique project of its kind to be launched by a private company and we belief that solidarity between the private sector and government is a national duty, especially as the government provides several projects to support the youth of Bahrain in all fields because they are the future, we believe that such projects will encourage young people to intensify their efforts and move to the professional level in any field, 8 participants were selected to join Al Areen Entrepreneurs Village and has been trained by the best chefs in the resort to enhance their capacity and improving the level of services they provide to their customers.