Leaders in creating Real-Estate concepts


Al Byoot contributes to the social fabric of the Kingdom of Bahrain by designing, creating and regenerating sustainable communities. In many housing projects full facilities are not available, Al Byoot brings it all in one place with sophisticated and unique lifestyle The high standards in planning and breathtaking designs of both types of residential accommodations guarantees full integrated new town house with excellence.

Al Byoot is a system of houses created to coup up with the big and fast demand on affordable homes. The built up area of a townhouse in Al Byoot is 240 sqm and the average land size is 120 sqm it is designed to accommodate Bahraini families in a modern atmosphere with high quality at a suitable price and to fit with any location of any available land. In addition, Al Byoot Has a solar kit enhancement which can directly contribute to your electricity needs or feed the government grid.


We are committed to offering the very best selections of natural, organic, local and specialty items in a full-service shopping experience. We produce the freshest, produce emphasizing the local and organic product.

Entrepreneur Organic City will offer everything you need to live well, with taste. Focus to create a grocery experience like no other. We believe that choice is paramount and our product selection reflect that. Mixing the very best in natural, organic, specialty, and local products, the aisles are filled with intuiting aromas and unexpected delights.

Simply entering the produce department arouse the senses. Depending on the season, it's the perfume of strawberries or the fragrance of ripe peaches or the crisp of fresh lettuces and greens that draws you in.

This is not your neighborhood supermarket, it is much more, Entrepreneur Organic City of Bahrain want nothing less than to revolutionize the way your family shops for food.


Far from the city life noise and traffic an atmosphere of fun and relaxation takes you to farthest boundaries… where the desert with its golden sands and its bright sun meets with beauty of civil architecture that combines beauty of the green desert and the prosperity of urban development enhanced by the artistic water effects.