The latest economical wave has definitely changed the platform of business in the region, this time the political scene is directly influencing all aspects of the economy, therefore tactical maneuvers are essential for the stability and sustainability of the business. Riding the tides of change, Al Faisal group has revisited its strategy by establishing strong global partnerships and reorganizing the business models to be able to cope up with the changes of the economical modes. After the last restructure of the group in 2013 the Group has focused on three sectors of the business in order to maintain its growth and face the challenges the region is experiencing, all under the umbrella of "Creative Business Models … are the Wining Models under any circumstances "

The group has secured major global partnerships enhancing further the strength of the local knowledge and network with global experience. The flexible and dynamic transformation of the group makes “seeing beyond” the new marketing communication strategy keeping the Group always ahead.

The new theme is identified through a simple cloud communication image, our mission is to provide you a partnership that helps you form your clouds and see beyond it! “if you could just see beyond what is portrayed in front of you, you could achieve a lot more than what you see!”

At Al Faisal Group, we help you create your clouds and see beyond it too!

Good luck and God bless.